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Phosphorescent plastic ball 10 cm (10 balls)

(Code: MT100PHOSPUK)
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Phosphorescent plastic ball Ø 10 cm (10 balls)
Big phosphorescent ball 10 cm diameter (pack 10 balls). Acrylic sphere for a shiny, sparkling and economic decoration ! 

Splittable phosphorescent bauble with hanging part, easy snap together. 

You can create bicolored acrylic ball (with snap of one clear half-ball and one phosphorescent half-ball for example...). 

Very popular for shop window decoration, design decoration Christmas balls, arts and crafts balls, as Event theming decoration, lightening ornaments, as marketing display, marketing object, decoration as disco ball, sphere, for external decoration, as gift bauble filled with small presents and goodies, original packaging, as innovative plastic boxes.... Ideal for all the events (Christmas, New Year, May Day bank holiday, Easter, Patrick's day...) and special occasions (Wedding, Birth, Birthday...).

A lightening innovation for your decoration and presentation ! 

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