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Clear Display ball with 2 openings 19,5 cm (opening 10.5 cm)

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Clear Display ball with 2 openings Ø 19,5 cm (opening Ø 10.5 cm)
Display ball, 19,5 cm diameter (double opening, 10,5 cm), with hanging tab. 

2 pieces easy to snap together (no need glue or adhesive to keep the 2 pieces joined). Optical quality and high-grade product, made in France. 

You can create bicolour balls (with snap of one clear half-ball and one tinted or opaque half-ball for example...). 

Very popular as Christmas balls,  for shop window decorationfor decorating trees, as table decoration, the transparent ball can also be used as Arts and craft ball, display ball, food container, as gift filled with sweets, chocolate and figurine, advertising ball (with printing pad)... 

Let's get bubbly and creative !

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