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2-part clear plastic bauble 10 cm (10 balls)

(Code: MT100SSTUK)
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2-part clear plastic bauble Ø10 cm (10 balls)

You are looking for 
round ball, fillable and without hanging loop, BallKit did it ! 

10 cm splittable bauble, ideal as original packaging, gift ball, lottery baubledeco ball, Birthday, design for festive event, for sculpture, decoration sphere, as table decoration, display ball and advertising ball, transculent bauble for food container, balls for craft activities with kids...

2 part sphere easy to snap together (no need glue or adhesive to keep the 2 pieces joined). Optical quality, product of France. Sold by pack of 10. 

You can create 2-coloured ball in vogue (with snap of one clear half-ball and one tinted or opaque half-ball for example...). 

Other colours by inquiry.

Let's get bubbly and creative !

Registered Pattern

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