• Secure Payment with credit card
For security of your payment, uses “Cybermut”, credit card payment solution implemented by our bank “credit mutual”.
With this system, your credit card payment is directly made on our bank’s secure server on behalf of us. At any moment, we will have access to your credit card number. Exchanges are encrypted and secured thanks to SSL 3 protocol (Secure Socket Layer) on the internet, which has become a global norm and used by most browsers.

  • Bank Transfer Payment
You can pay by bank transfer especially if you live abroad. Remember to mention the order number on your transfer note. Your order will be confirmed for good once we have received the transfer. You will receive a confirmation email. If you choose this option, you will find on the next page our bank information (IBAN) you need to proceed the payment.

  • Paypal payment
You can pay your order through the electronic payment Paypal which allows paying purchases, receiving payments and sending or receiving money. To benefit from these services, you need to give financial information to Paypal, such as you credit card number. Then, transactions are made without giving again your financial information. An electronic address and a password are enough.

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