Splittable plastic Stars

Plastic fillable stars !  

Splittable acrylic shapes clear and colored...

Plastic star at the best quality / price ratio, UV resistant and food contact ! The balls are supplied in 2 halves which fit tightly together. You can open and close easily. 

High quality acrylic stars available in 10 cm ; 20 cm and 30 cm diameter also in clear stars, tinted or nacre warmful opaque or trendy colored.

Fillable star to decorate, to display, for shop window decoration, gift voucher packaging, plastic craft shapes, to make wedding and marketing favours, for arts & crafts activities, decorating stars to display photograph... Endless uses and for a wide viarety of applications for the ballKit stars. 

A large range of plastic stars :

lastic stars :
- Star 10 cm (10 stars)
- Star 20 cm (per unit)
- Star 30 cm (per unit)
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