Counter Displays

Counter Display baubles, splittable and fillable with opening and feet to settle down. The balls are supplied in two halves which fit tightly together. 

Display ball for Shop Window, for packaging, for counter displays, for POS, to display favorite articles, as Christmas display props, as floral display, for POS and advertising support...

A plexi ball with a hole on one side to catch and grab the products, to display easily, to fill in, to decorate... 

Plastic baubles, high quality, also food contact available.

Display plastic sphere available in diameter : 14,5 cm ; 19,5 cm ; 29 cm and 40 cm. 

let's do your choice :

Clear acrylic counter displays

Bicolored acrylic counter displays

Clear acrylic counter displays

Clear vase / cauldron
Bicolored acrylic counter displays
Clear plastic ring
Clear acrylic counter displays

Clear cross-support
Transparent disc - bracket

Transparent disc - bracket

Display balls in :

  • Counter Display bauble  14,5 cm
  •  - 1 opening 9 cm
  • Counter Display 
  • bauble  19,5 cm
  •  - 1 opening 10,5 cm
    • Counter Display bauble  29 cm
    •     - 1 opening 15 cm
    • Display bauble  40 cm
    •     - 1 opening 20,5 cm
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