Personalized balls 2

A single and unusual bauble for you ! 

Colored ball, transparent bauble ou opaque sphere, you can personalize the plastic bauble you wish! 

A logo, a message, a picture... that's you call to customize the plexi baubles !
Engraved baubles with hearts. Orange transluscent ball with hearts engraving. An engraved plexiglass ball, with silky touch, and relief and highlight personalization... Butterfly ball. Splittable plastic bauble, nacar colored with "butterfly" engraving. Highlight decoration with engraved sphere !
Personalised bauble. Christmas balls, for wedding decoration or personalized food container... Customized baubles on one or both sides, balls to hang up, settle down, to offer... The design ballKit ball Customized bauble. Personalized balls for food container, as original packaging, for gift voucher, for baptism decoration... Endless ideas to personalize the ballKit baubles and make unique decoration and POS presentation !
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