Personalized balls 1

Create unique acrylic baubles

Think about ballKit balls to realize your personalization...

Picture, logo, message, catch phrases... It's up to you to customize the plastic baubles !
Halloween baubles. Plastic splittable spheres, orange trendy with black "pumpkin head" printing pad. Original ball for your window shop decoration, pub's decoration, retial decor... 
Tips : could also be in orange translucent as fillable baubles with candies and sweets for the Halloween Hunt !
Wedding favours bauble. An clear half-ball and colored half-sphere with "hearts" printing pad. The best symbol ever for the most beautiful day of your life ! For more info, see also : Wedding decoration.
Personalised baubles. Christmas ball or marketing favours balls, with your printed logo. Printing pad on the plastic balls on one or both sides... Incredible advertising balls  Personalized bauble. Acrylic balls with logo. UAn advertising tool, original packaging or single baubles just for you or for marketing favours !
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